Miracle Beach (1992)


Skott Snider directs Dean Cameron, Ami Dolenz and Felicity Waterman in this beach comedy about a loser who uses a cute genie to win the love of a vapid model. 

Horrid, cheap, sexist, cliched, unfunny. A charmless Dean Cameron looks like a middle aged accountant yet is playing a teenager playing at being a sub-Bill Murray. Bizarrely as you wade through all the unimaginative shite, Dolenz manages somehow to shine out effervescently as the wish granting better woman he doesn’t notice until the forced finale. If the movie had any focus at all, she would be given the master’s share of the screentime and someone … anyone… with a bit of screen appeal to bounce off of. Instead we get crowbarred in volleyball games, titty shots and lacklustre cameos from jobbing Pat Morita and Vincent Schiavelli. Her spirited support role makes it all watchable… Ami Dolenz, where are you now?



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