The Legacy (1979)


Richard Marquand directs Katharine Ross, Sam Elliott and Charles Gray in this supernatural horror about a country house and its demonically cursed guests.

A slightly older than you remember her, Katherine Ross has beautiful flowing hair. A slightly younger than you remember him, Sam Elliot has beautiful flowing moustache and chest hair. They wear various winter fashions and make a gorgeous couple. Occasional The Omen / …And Then There Were None shenanigans take place around them while the leads obliviously compose a mediocre Tripadvisor review in their heads (poor transport links, the exit out of town could be better signposted, choke hazards in the buffet, aggressive staff, Roger Daltrey pesters you in the lounge area). There’s a white cat who seems responsible. Various European C-lister’s die D-List deaths in between woollen and plaid costume changes. There’s that cat again. She’s up to something. The background music is incongruously upbeat and folksy. Essentially, we are on a 4 Star weekend retreat with a high mortality rate filmed by a team who seemingly have never watched a horror flick before. God, their collective hair is beautiful….


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