Everybody Wants Some!! (2016)


Richard Linklater directs Blake Jenner, Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch in this early Eighties retro look at a frat house settling in before college classes start by partying, playing hyper competitive games and shooting the shit. 

Linklater tries to recapture that Dazed and Confused lightning in the bottle with another mosaic period teen party movie. It is not as cool, seductive, goofily sharp and has little new to say. Whereas Dazed was littered with stars and character actors of the future, here only the evergreen Glen Powell makes an impression. I have no issue with it being all about the jocks, dudes still need their movies too. But to make them all so uniform and “meh” is the opposite of what you expect from the usually more sophisticated laid back auteur. Still a decent little one watcher.



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