Renegades (1989)


Jack Sholder directs Kiefer Sutherland, Lou Diamond Phillips and Robert Knepper in a buddy action movie where an undercover cop and a Native American hunt down a gang of crooks. 

This used to be one of my sister’s movies. One of those videos that only she was allowed to watch so she could swoon over Lou Diamond Phillip’s long flowing hair. It was weak brew as an action movie then, but has aged somewhat forgivably when compared to what little we get nowadays. There’s no comedy and scant originality but the opening 35 minutes does contain a sustained action sequence where Keifer is undercover, saying “DAMMIT!” and escaping with the bad guys while trying to keep everyone safe. It is done with real stunts, has a crunching sense of harm and damage, and if you channel surfed and caught it out of context you’d assume you were watching a young Jack Bauer 24 prequel. That’s how enjoyably tense the opening sequence is. Once the leads are partnered up things slow right down, the set pieces descend into mere bullet orgies where everyone but the leads gets theirs. Shame as if the foot stayed on the pedal and matched the pace of that heist and getaway, this would be a gem of a Friday Night Thriller.




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