The Glass Castle (2017)


Destin Daniel Cretton directs Brie Larson, Woody Harrelson and Naomi Watts in this true tale of a daughter’s harsh memories of her unconventional upbringing in enforced poverty and her attempts as a yuppie adult to avoid allowing her estranged parents back into her life.

A well made, well intentioned movie that has had some of its steam stolen by the far more colourful and affecting yet similar  Captain Fantastic released last year. As a vehicle for Larson it stalls. Her mediocre yuppie character arc lacks warmth and she comes across ill defined in her actions. This leaves Harrelson to steal the show, in a career best turn that salvages the film entire. Utterly charming when he eloquently rages against the machine, compellingly energetic when his mania turns to heart breaking abuse. I’d give him all the Oscars and Globes and BAFTAs this year, if it were only up to me.


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