The Gauntlet (1977)


Clint Eastwood directs himself, Sondra Locke and Pat Hingle in this comic book actioner where a drunk cop has to take annoying witness across state with the Mob and the cops opening fire at every opportunity.

A movie that could never live up to its poster. You can tell the script was originally touted for a more exciting star pairing, and that Clint (coasting on screen) begrudgingly picked it up so he could gift Locke (whiny as ever) another headline role (plus himself a few more months sharing trailers together). The action is endless barrages of cops shooting at buildings and vehicles rather than the targets within, until the structures are peppered into oblivion and we move on. The romantic banter is Locke squawking and Clint grimacing until you too are peppered into oblivion. A bit more ambition and a flintier female lead and this could have been a contender.


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