The Dark Tower (2017)


Nikolaj Arcel directs Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey and Tom Taylor in this Stephen King fantasy adaptation about a mythical Gunslinger protecting various realms from The Man in Black. 

Really rather heroic and breezy, easily better than its duff critical reputation suggests. Elba and McConaughey are far too powerful a pairing of genuine movie stars to ever be boring, inspite of the often stoic nature of the dialogue. This fast paced, simple adventure is littered with well designed terrors, elegant visual world building and many winking King references for the avid spotter. The finale unfortunately suffers from the duffers of CGI weightless imagery… but no more than Wonder Woman or Spider-Man or just about anything you bought a ticket to this summer. At a brisk 90 minutes this gets more right than wrong and proves decent big name popcorn. I was thoroughly entertained.



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