Movie of the Week: Drive (2011)


Nicolas Winding Refn directs Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan and Bryan Cranston in this violent romantic thriller about a getaway driver who falls for his next door neighbour.

One of those fantastic pure cinematic experiences that the second it ends you wanna start it right up again. It is about absolutely nothing, an exercise in ultimate style, but it trips along on a steely resolve, a woozy yearning summer lovin’ rush and eventually a grim baroque cataclysm of barbarity that is achingly seductive. A precise score and soundtrack combine with confident cinematography to create a world of constant beauty. Beauty found in an abrupt piece of parking, a supermarket uniform, the detritus strewn by the banks of a waterway and a forearm being slashed open by a straight razor. Gosling is marvellous as the quiet man so capable in his skillset that he sets the terms. That sums up Drive also, it is so expertly orchestrated who cares if it doesn’t do any more than it sets out to. It does that so well, so grippingly, so gorgeously, so disturbingly, it would be selfish to ask for more.


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