Labour Day (2013)


Jason Reitman directs Kate Winslet, Josh Brolin and Gattlin Griffiths in this melodramatic romance between a sensitive convict on the run and the agoraphobic single mother whose house he holes up in for the weekend. 

Bit of class this. They don’t really makes out and out romance movies for adults anymore but this wears its maturity and sultry heat proudly on its sleeve. It dips into tragedy surprisingly often and surprisingly hard each time it does, it has a measured patience to allow us to fall for a set of people who might struggle to be appealing outside of this particular overbaked pressure cooker. And it is consistently sexy. Winslet deserved more award attention for another standout lead while Reitman directs with one eye on seductive nostalgia, another on keeping the entire fantasy rooted in some tough, complex soil. When the dream inevitably falls apart the causes are multiple and all believable. A missed great from the Juno and Up in the Air director well worth seeking out if you’ve outgrown The Notebook.


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