The Unforgiven (1960)


John Huston directs Burt Lancaster, Audrey Hepburn and Lillian Gish in this western drama about a cattle family who have to defend their adopted daughter from both native and townsfolk attacks when rumours spread that she may not be white. 

Alluding to themes of predjudice, incest and manifest destiny, but with any intensity lost to a meandering soapiness, this proves to be merely a decent way to waste an afternoon. None of the starry cast put in their best shift though Hepburn exudes a surprising sexiness often smothered in her cutsey-ier turns and Gish, as the slightly barmy matriarch, does things admirably her old school way. Huston loses his usual economic grip on the story and emotions but pulls off a couple of great action sequences (a chase through the fog, maybe smoke, midway is visually arresting) and Durango, Mexico has some stunning landscapes.


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