Child’s Play 2 (1990)


John Lafia directs Jenny Agutter, Christine Elise and the voice of Brad Dourif in this sequel to the possessed doll goes on murderous rampage horror.

A soulless cash-in on an OK first film that occasionally has pleasurable spikes in quality. The deaths are just about closer to inventive than routine and the factory set finale blends the better elements of The Terminator and The Shining‘s closers to pleasing effect. But the human cast often phone-in their thinly sketched roles, the foster home setting reeks of cheap artifice and, as with nearly every franchise slasher in the early 90s, Chucky’s “humorous zingers” mainly boil down to him snarling a repetitive and misogynistic “BITCH!” at yet another unfortunate middle aged woman for nil reward.


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