Quick Change (1990)


Howard Franklin and Bill Murray direct Bill Murray, Geena Davis and Randy Quaid in this crime comedy of a bank robber dressed as a clown who after executing a perfect heist finds himself trapped in the New York public transport system en route to the airport. 

Ghostbuster, Groundhog Day and Rushmore… sure, sure… but no one ever brings up Quick Change these days, Bill Murray’s near forgotten but hilarious slice of misanthropic perfection. It is filled tip to toe with great casting; Jason Robards and Tony Shaloub get as many laughs as the main man himself. The premise of Murray desperately fighting against the careless bureaucracy, casual ineptness and proud inefficiency of city life opens up to gift the audience with some amazing zingers and there are at least three expertly sustained nail biting comedy set pieces. Gold stars to everyone involved, and too many unique moments to mention.


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