Sister Street Fighter (1974)


Kazuhiko Yamaguchi directs Etsuko Shihomi, Sonny Chiba and Hiroshi Miyauchi in this barely related spin-off to the Terry Tsurugi revenge actioners. 

Another martial arts swindle you can’t help but forgive. This is a completely different movie that just happens to feature Chiba in a non- Terry support role, swiftly rebranded as a sequel to his iconic Grindhouse hit. Taken on its own strengths this is colourful enough, nasty enough and with a strong lead performance from Shihomi that once again you can ignore the naughty counterfeit activities. And that crazy energy is still there in spades. Features the Amazon Sevens (what would happen if David Lynch directed a lady Kung fu squad with The Flintstones wardrobe) plus an off-putting sadistic rape of a school girl. So something for everyone then?!



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