An American Werewolf in Paris (1997)


Anthony Waller directs Tom Everett-Scott, Julie Delpy and and Julie Bowen in this belated and dodgily related sequel to the comedy horror masterpiece. 

It was a disappointment in 1997 and time has been even crueller to this misjudged cash-in. The CGI werewolves are dreadful, the cast of Pepsi Max Extreme bozos grating, the humour all over the shop but never finding the aisle that sells Laughs. You feel sorry for Delpy and Everett-Scott as their natural charisma gets lost in the choppy edit. The biggest casualty of this misfire though is Anthony Waller who brings all the impressive camera swoops and gothic mastery from his eye catching debut (Mute Witness – worth tracking down) to this very flat and uncertain retread. His attempt to add some visual vim to the flailing plot and unlikeable characters is a textbook case of a turd being desperately polished.


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