Predators (2010)


Nimród Antal directs Adrien Brody, Walton Goggins and Topher Grace in this late third pure entry into the sci-fi / horror hybrid. 

The dusty  1994 Robert Rodriquez script seems to have been written with a “wouldn’t it be cool if…” vibe overriding everything so here we have giant predators, alien game reserves, yakuzas, Colonel Kurtz style survivors, a variation on the original abandoned Predator design loloping through the trees and the supercool Danny Trejo all lobbed into the mix. It makes for an amazing trailer first and a perfectly fine film second. Problem is this wasn’t made in 1994 when a decent Predator film would have cleaned up, it was made 20 years after Predator 2. After two decades of radio silence, apart from the ignored static bursts from those dreadful Alien Vs Predator pair, this really needed to knock it out of the park if it was to reignite the franchise. The action is good but never really builds up a head of steam, the deaths mainly occur off screen (robbing the series of its trademark illicit violence) and Brody is the first lead you are genuinely surprised makes it to the end – he is clearly just not Alpha enough, despite a good stab from the script to suggest otherwise. Of a decent ensemble this leaves Goggins and Grace to walk away with the film. Goggins in particular is an absolute hoot in his death row oranges, ready to take on his killer compatriots and any weaponised alien shit that might come his way with psychotic glee and a homemade shiv. The Bill Paxton School of Movie Stealing has its first true Honours student.




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