The Guest (2014)


Adam Wingard directs Dan Stevens, Maika Monroe and Leland Orser in this unusually winning mix of a 90s yuppie family in peril flick and The Terminator. 

A very simple B movie that celebrates it low budget limitations and lack of pretension to glorious effect, recalling early Carpenter, Cameron and Craven. The three key elements that elevate this are 1) a star making central performance from Dan Stevens as the charming yet unstoppably dangerous nice boy who ingratiates his way into the family unit. 2) A sizzling turn from this generation’s deserved scream queen Monroe, as the daughter who sees what her family cannot. 3) Wingard’s colourful, efficient and kinetic direction. Just lots of bottom shelf of the video rental shop pleasure that proves sexy fun for all the family.


One comment

  1. I love this film. It gets better every time I watch it. Stevens is on Bond-audition form and a bona fide action star (if he ever goes in that direction.)


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