Film of the Week: The Magnificent Seven (1960)


John Sturges directs Steve McQueen, Yul Brynner and Eli Wallach in this classic all star western.

Just a fantastic night in and proof that a remake can exceed the source material. There’s some brilliant big names trying to out cool each other – seriously any film where the ever awesome James Coburn plays the fourth best hero must have some real dynamo performances. But if I had to award a medal at the end it would be to Eli Wallach’s jolly villian – not quite as captivating as his Tuco for Leone , it still is a great genre turn. The action efficient, the script unpretentious, that score, that score and the humour measured out neatly, albeit in a testosterone heavy machismo orientated kinda way they can’t really pull off anymore. Faultless entertainment.


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