Me Before You (2016)


Thea Sharrock directs Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin and Charles Dance in this quirky carer falls for a Dignitas bound posh cripple romance.

Efficiently done charmer which remarkably skips over any potential bad taste moments the pairing and plot inherently throws up – the devaluing of disabled life, the class issue, the hints of rich family instigated prostitution and the awkward business of consummating the pairs’ obvious horn for each other. These issues are lightly waltzed around, leaving a chocolate box Beauty and the Beast style romance that just happens to end at an infamous Swiss Clinic. Claflin cuts a dashing figure (Bond in a decade?) while everyone’s favourite Khaleesi manages to overcome some mightily silly outfits (meant as shorthand for her untapped creative potential and positivity) and some initially grating facial mugging to win her first big screen success. Her headlining turn in this wholesome weepie should continue to keep her in leading parts once her Game of Thrones beauty meets the inevitable chop.


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