Film of the Week: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)


George Miller directs Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron and Nicholas Holt in this non stop chase through the maddest evolutionary leap in his long abandoned movie landscape. 

Just perfection. The action is adrenalin fuelled mentalism, the overriding attitude is “no fool ever dared this before”. Sure the scale loses something on the small screen but you can focus on the marvellous – yet admirably sexless – chemistry between Tom Hardy’s near feral Max (I love his grunting, cautious delivery) and Theron’s unstoppable hero instead. Often wordless so as to let the multicolour visuals override, Miller let’s the action do the talking. Action! Action! Action! But don’t let you think that this has nothing to say. There are enough barbed reflections of our own society’s ills and concerns in this apocalyptic horror show that you can hang just about any reading onto the characters and their survival. Pretty much the best action film / sci film since the Alien series heyday adding an increased British comic book aesthetic to its pre-existing Aussie world’s already potent palette. What a lovely day!


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