Young Adult (2011)

imageJason Reitman directs Charlize Theron, Patton Oswalt and Patrick Wilson in this dramaerdy about a prom queen still terrifyingly clinging to her high school romance as she approaches middle age.

I’m a big fan of Jason Reitman’s clearly framed, crisply colourful character studies but this particular one does little for me. The Diablo Cody scripted humour rationed out in the early half just isn’t there enough by the end, wasting a note perfect lead turn from Theron as a woman so self centred she sees an ex’s newborn as the green flag to try and break up his happy hometown family. Patton Oswalt impresses as the equally arrested in development geek who still has time for her, and I get the subtly made points about maturing and motherhood, but essentially the end game of the film is for us to have sympathy for someone who has not learnt or grown yet whose shocking behaviour gave up on entertaining us after the first act. If the monster was let loose in a few more scenes later on, then Theron would have scooped up awards a plenty. Good soundtrack.


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