Blood and Bone (2009)

imageBen Ramsey directs Michael Jai White, Eamonn Walker and Julian Sands in this tight and hard underground fighting thriller.

If you can find pleasures in the strange priorities of the world developed in the Fast and Furious series or the simple yet distinctive brutality of The Warriors then this might tickle your fancy too. Michael Jai White is a charismatic lead and a skilled martial artist who undeservedly never really broke into the mainstream. This DTV actioner with short bloody fights, and a real effort made to add style to the shoestring it was obviously made on, is the testament that we cinema audiences are the ones really missing out. By no means the second coming but every ambition is clear and present to make this just a little better, smarter, harder than your run of the mill kung fu flick. The result isn’t always gleaming and perfect but it surpasses bigger budgeted, starrier MMA movies like Fighting and Warrior in both moves and takedowns. In its own way Blood and Bone could and should have been a changing point for a maligned genre, the A Fistful of Dollars for a very different generation.


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