The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

915556  - The Amazing Spider-Man

Marc Webb directs Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans in this repeat of the mouthy web crawler’s origins.

Unnecessary, dour and just does not work. There’s not one sequence, recasting or visual choice that is an improvement on Sam Raimi’s original trilogy which had only just shut up shop when this was rushed into production. No one is all that bad in it, but once a haunted Rhys Ifans goes full green and scaly lizard avatar my engagement with the narrative just sputtered to a ridiculously loud halt. Stuff carried on happening for half an hour or so to the detriment of the few character beats I was enjoying. Emma Stone works hard as Gwen Stacey and gets some pretty outfits and framing, it’s nice to see Denis Leary onscreen again as her tough cop dad… but that’s not nearly enough to justify this blockbuster’s existence when you know what fun you could be having with Maguire, Dunst and those colourful comic book styling at the boxset next door.



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