Rumble in the Bronx (1995)


Stanley Tong directs Jackie Chan, Anita Mui and Francoise Yip in this American set actioner.

Jackie’s charm, skill and stunts keep you happy in a frankly mental fish out of water Kung Fu movie. Away from the amazingly choreographed fights and chases, do not come for anything resembling plot logic or emotional reasoning. The jist seems to be Jackie is protecting his uncle’s supermarket from a colourful motorcycle gang after his uncle sells it to a woman who turns out isn’t Jackie’s romantic interest despite various meet cutes betwixt them. Suddenly there’s a bag of diamonds hidden in a disabled boy’s wheelchair cushion (plus a U rated stripshow involving a tiger) and Jackie has forgiven the gang for mercilessly pelting him with glass bottles to near death in an alleyway so he can now chase a hovercraft through the streets of Vancou… Sorry… The Bronx. Mad as a box of frogs, a reel of the outtakes of stunts being achieved or going wrong set to Ash’s Kung-Fu at the end is the highlight.


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