CODA (2021)

Sian Heder directs Emilia Jones, Troy Kotsur and Marlee Matlin in this teen drama where the hearing child of deaf parents begins to follow her own path, causing disruption within the household that relies heavily on her.

I liked so much about this movie. Especially the salty, playful performances. You’d never catch me looking sideways at it but I’ve come to it late in the day. Watched with the Best Picture Oscar win hanging over it you can’t help but notice how slight and well trodden Heder’s movements are. Some scenes bare the distracting digital scars of what can only be a COVID restricted reshoot and they shake you out of the story. It is baggy and overlong. Still, CODA feels very different from your standard gold bait in that it is built primarily to entertain and is full of positive messaging.


Perfect Double Bill: Children Of A Lesser God (1986)

My wife and I do a podcast together called The Worst Movies We Own. It is available on Spotify or here


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