The Entity (1982)

Sidney J. Furie directs Barbara Hershey, Ron Silver and David Labiosa in this horror where a single mother is regularly raped and tormented by an invisible assailant.

Based on a true story. Sleazy as fuck. The first act is just a cycle of Hershey being sexually assaulted by the unseen forces in her home, trying to act like everthing is normal to her kids, finding no solace from friends, the police or the medical community… then being attacked again. It is pretty merciless. The Stan Winston puppeted “groped body” cast FX is eerily weird to watch. Then there’s a really left-of-field bombastic finale where university nerds try to freeze the ghost / demons / out-of-body rapist. Then it ends on an unresolved note, suggesting our lead victim is just going to have to endure the unexplained attacks. A bit too grim and blunt to praise, this, at least, is often grindingly unsettling.


Perfect Double Bill: The Changeling (1980)

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