Confess, Fletch (2022)

Greg Mottola directs Jon Hamm, Lorenza Izzo and Marcia Gay Harden in this detective comedy where undercover reporter I.M. Fletcher tries to track down some stolen masterpieces and the kidnapped Count whose daughter he is fucking.

Mad amount of affection for the Fletch movies and novels. So its fair to say I was going to give this an easy pass on opening night. An “easy pass” is a fair assessment. There are only a few truly funny scenes (thank you, Annie Mumolo) and I missed the sarcastic narration and Harold Faltermeyer score. These are quibbles – this is purposely built to be gently entertaining, more like a pilot for a very attractive Sunday evening TV series. Hamm might bring a different energy than Chevy Chase but he fits the character like a glove. Pretty much every face in the deep cut ensemble has quirky comedy chops. Marcia Gay Harden notably hits her mark every time she mispronounces our anti-hero’s name as “Flesh”. As good as Knives Out in my opinion.


Perfect Double Bill: Tag (2018)

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