The One (2001)

James Wong directs Jet Li, Jet Li and Jason Statham in this action sci-fi thriller where a man is chased by his alternative self who has been crossing dimensions to kill off all his parallel lives.

Highlander meets The Matrix, only it has been done at least four times before with JCVD. Not the best showcase for Li’s physicality AND, if we are being brutal, he struggles to play two separate personalities. He either looks stressed or scowls. The motions waste Carla Gugino and Delroy Lindo somehow. The Stath’s big Hollywood debut sees him mainly spout exposition with a terrible accent… so he’s the highlight! Has that meh too smooth aesthetic of millennium pivoting soft sci-fi. Decent closing set-piece and brilliant sign off shot. “I am Yulaw! I am nobody’s bitch! You are mine.”


Perfect Double Bill: Timecop (1994)

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