Love Is A Dog From Hell (1987)

Dominique Deruddere directs Josse De Pauw, Geert Hunaerts and Michael Pas in this Belgium based translation of a triptych of sex stories following one of Charles Bukowski’s alter egos, Harry Voss, as he goes from pre-pubescent kid to spotty loner virgin.

This feels really familiar – did I watch this late night as a teen on Channel 4? Solid adaptation of Bukowski – cynical, anti-nostalgia. Horny but alienated. The tale of a high school dance which ends with our protagonist taking drastic action to cover his pulsating skin is an unsung iconic sequence of the era – a black mirror image of Eighties teen movies where prom love conquers all. It is on Netflix currently under the title Crazy Love (boring!) so check it out.


Perfect Double Bill: Leolo (1992)

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