Broadcast News (1987)

James L. Brooks directs Holly Hunter, Albert Brooks and William Hurt in this serious romantic comedy set in the world of television news reporting.

“Network! Only with less ranting and more meet-cutes.” This should be right up my street. Imperfect characters, in a believable jerky love triangle, set in an intellectually stimulating and robust world. The pull between looks and intelligence, sex appeal and connection, sizzle and facts, corporate needs and public service. Yet it is also a bit of a cold fish, people like Hunter’s producer and Brooks’ journalist rarely take centre stage in mainstream Hollywood for a reason. Flinty, capable, arrogantly smart people. People a bit like hopefully you and hopefully me. But that doesn’t exactly mean they fit the frothier needs of a rom-com satisfactorily. I’ve probably seen the even-handed, slightly melancholy little epilogue for Broadcast News twice as many times as the film entire. It is sad, believable, real. And the complete opposite of what any of us desire from a big budget wide release. I’m not saying it ain’t admirable but you do wonder what Jack Nicholson’s up to in the background? Whether you’d rather be watching his flawless seduction of the new network owner or a recently widowed first lady…

6 (But I really want to score it higher every time)

Perfect Double Bill: Switching Channels (1988)

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