Host (2020)

Rob Savage directs Haley Bishop, Jemma Emma Louise Webb and Radina Drandova in this found footage horror where a séance over a Zoom call goes out of control.

Recycles all the tricks quite effectively, and then repackages them into something that just about transcends its gimmicky prescience. Having said that, the cast and their characters are annoying to a hateful degree. Maybe there’s a Texas Chainsaw level pleasure in eventually seeing such a bunch of grating doinks have hell unleashed on them? I don’t think this was the intention though. Revisiting those initial 30 minutes of build-up, spent in the odious company of a conference of yahs’ to get to their comeuppance, isn’t an attractive proposition. A one-watcher.


Perfect Double Bill: Searching (2018)

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  1. Paul. Writer and Filmmaker · April 2, 2022

    I still need to see Punishment Park. While I’ll dislike the found footage subgenre with a passion, I thought Chronicle (2012), along with District 9 (was that footage found or occurring in real time?) was arguably the best I’ve seen –


    • Bobby Carroll · April 3, 2022

      Yeah, I don’t really seek out Found Footage movies as a rule either. The best ones are good movies in spite of the gimmick rather than because of it. I caught Chronicle on TV (with adverts in between, imagine it) and it left me cold but will try to revisit.

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