Time (2006)

Kim Ki-duk directs Jung-woo Ha, Ji-Yeon Park and Jun-yeong Jang in this disturbed Korean romance mystery where a jealous girlfriend ghosts her lover, gets identity altering plastic surgery and stalks him.

Even though I enjoyed every film of his I caught back in the day, I hadn’t really checked in with Kim Ki-duk since Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… And Spring. It is fair to say that he continued to release extreme Asian cinema up until his death from COVID but was also under scrutiny over continued allegations of abuse and rape threats to his female cast members. Strangely, like Polanski, his works often have a misogynistic tone so it doesn’t really diminish their power to discover the man himself might have had violent lusts, a disregard for consent and a warped idea of gender equality. This unsettling little chiller is genuinely unnerving, with a strong visual sense despite its flat digital cinematography. If you’ve enjoyed films like Last Year at Marienbad, Seconds or Abre Los Ojos then this could well be up your alley. Time certainly caught me off guard with its obsessive twists and turns.


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