The Hunt (2012)

Thomas Vinterberg directs Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen and Annika Wedderkopp in this Danish drama where a kindergarten teacher is accused of child abuse when his best friend’s young daughter makes up a lie about him.

Missed this on initial release which is strange as Festen was such an important film in developing my arthouse tastes. This is kinda a reverse switch mirror image of that – here a community blindly believes a man they know and love is a pedophile based on a half hearted, vague accusation. Genuinely a stomach churning watch for straight middle aged men… though obviously there should be more movies this compelling about victims who are not believed… which we know is the overriding reality. A career best turn from the always impressive Mads, who quietly endures a rapidly unfolding pariah like status in his formerly close knit community. Vinterberg seems to know exactly when to let things reach boiling point without ever allowing the drama to spill over into incredulity. Pretty flawless stuff, it all seems to be making some silent judgment on modern masculinity that is never didactically spelled out.


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