Along Came a Spider (2001)

Lee Tamahori directs Morgan Freeman, Monica Potter and Michael Wincott in this Alex Cross thriller, where the intuitive cop pursues a genius kidnapper.

So sturdy it actually smooths out all the jagged edges and eye catching grain that makes a thriller pop. Wincott was born to play memorable villains but here he is too efficient and humane to really stand out. The more outlandish later twist is tee’d up reasonably well without hitting a mulligan – you see the logic of the surprise but can’t relish the pleasure of being hoodwinked. It just kinda happens. The chases, shoot outs and stand offs all occur at a clean, crisp clip – never dull but won’t have you or Freeman reaching for the beta blockers. The star himself is class personified as always but he only deploys his full power paternal, seductive magic in the final moments when he convinces a child it is safe to trust him. By then… the credits are desperate to roll. Possibly the most average movie ever made.


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