Police Story (1985)

Jackie Chan directs himself, Maggie Cheung and Brigitte Lin in this Hong Kong action comedy where a heroic cop tries to protect a witness from the gangster he wants to bring down.

Amazing stunts, hilarious destruction. A very curious blend of OTT action, heartfelt drama and childish farce. Jackie mixes it all wonderfully… you care when he overacts, swoon when he goofs and marvel when he barely survives the spectacular death traps he slaloms himself through for our edification. A gifted stuntman and warm entertainer Jackie is the tits. Police Story somehow sates the Drunken Master fanbase, the uninitiated who want an exotic Lethal Weapon and any cineaste who want to to witness exactly what a living Buster Keaton looks like. I feel like all three. Watching a A-list star hang off speeding double deckers, throw his co-star off roofs or survive multiple trips through plate glass makes for a wonderfully physical night on the beers. Super fun!


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