Queen & Slim (2020)

Melina Matsoukas directs Daniel Kaluuya, Jodie Turner-Smith and Bokeem Woodbine in this romantic thriller where a first date descends into a cross-country manhunt when two innocent strangers kill a racist cop who threatens them at a kerbside.

A very pure film. Fatally romantic. Mixing Black Lives Matter aesthetics with a Lovers on the Run charm. Delivering the goods. Kaluuya gives his best acting effort yet, Matsoukas uses his quiet masculinity and bottled up sensitivity well. It looks fabulous. Only a sex scene intercut with a riot wobbles the slick production. The political point feels overwrought and too didactic while the hook-up we’ve all been invested in happening is interrupted by the cross-cutting, robbing it of its own heat and power. A minor issue… this is, on the whole, very heartfelt involving stuff.


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