The Ninth Configuration (1980)

William Peter Blatty directs Stacy Keach, Scott Wilson and Ed Flanders in this surreal drama set in an military asylum.

What am I watching? WHAT AM I WATCHING?! Misold as a horror movie. And why wouldn’t you if it was by The Exorcist’s William Peter Blatty and you were the poor marketing executive who had to come up with a lobby card campaign for this. In reality it is a lunatics take over the asylum drama closer to M*A*S*H* and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Only incoherent. Chock full of space crucifixions, all dog productions of Shakespeare, non sequiturs and a thirty minute bar fight. The parts never meet, it never settles into something enjoyable or even followable. A cult oddity that would struggle to find a fan base even now, let alone then.


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