The Secret of Marrowbone (2018)


Sergio G. Sánchez directs George MacKay, Anya Taylor-Joy and Mia Goth in this mystery yarn about a family of secretive orphans hiding out in a secluded house in the Sixties. 

From the writer of The Orphanage, this is a winning mix of The Famous Five and a few others spookier films (that if I named might reveal the twists to come). Now I’m usually quite negative about stories that are almost wholly determined by their con / third act reveal. But Marrowbone is pleasurable before, during and after the knots are unravelled. The prestige of the narrative conjuring frames sweet performances and moments of moody darkness that are winningly consuming. A beautiful young cast and a milieu that shifts expertly from tweedy twee to gripping darkness keep this from being just a formulaic exercise. Better than I expected.


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