Saboteur (1942)


Alfred Hitchcock directs Robert Cummings, Priscilla Lane and Norman Lloyd in this wartime spy thriller with a man on the run through America from the authorities and a cabal of fascists.

Not by any means gold standard Hitch. Dull leads and a succession of daft wrinkles to push home the homefront propoganda message means this often just trundles along. There are weird sequences involving kindly blind men in secluded cabins (Did they live anywhere else in Forties America?) and democratic circus freaks, then a crowbarred in romance. Still the last reel involving a ballroom fundraiser where no-one will listen that the hosts are villians, a shoot out in a movie theatre showing a shootout and a tussle on the torch of the Statue of Liberty is all worth the wait. Ends abruptly as if now Hitch has done what he came for he can’t wait to be rid of it.


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