My Top 20 Movies Of 2022

1. Licorice Pizza

2. 3000 Years Of Longing

3. Top Gun: Maverick

4. Paris, 13th District

5. X

6. Barbarian

7. Aftersun

8. Apollo 10 & 1/2: A Space-age Childhood

9. The Offer

10. The Phantom Of the Open

11. The Banshees Of Inisherin

12. We Own This City

13. Happening

14. Elvis

15. Hustle

16. Nightmare Alley

17. The Northman

18. Red Rocket

19. The Black Phone

20. Nope

Bubbling Under: The English / Cyrano / Orphan: First Kill / Scream / Benedetta

Still to Watch: Decision to Leave / The Novice / Anais In Love / Corsage / Clerks 3

Old Classics to You, New Favourites for Me: Top 5 Discoveries of the Year

1. The Silent Partner

2. The Great Silence

3. Crumb

4. The Passionate Friends

5. Accatone

Top 3 Most Listened To TWMWO Podcast Eps

1. Grease 2

2. Dirty Deeds

3. Stuart Laws Watches Terminator Salvation

Check out my wife Natalie’s Point Horror blog

We also do a podcast together called The Worst Movies We Own. It is available on Spotify or here


One comment

  1. Eric Binford · March 14

    The Passionate Friends is one of David Lean’s most underrated movies. Love The Silent Partner!

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