Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood (2022)

Richard Linklater directs Milo Coy, Jack Black and Glen Powell in this animated youth comedy where the 1969 moon landing is remembered by a fantasist Texan child.

Maybe every generation should have one of these – a nostalgic deep drill into every aspect of their childhood. The music, games, shows, food, social changes and big events. At times it can just feel like an awesome list of cool stuff remembered and recited… and I’m completely down with that. I’ve been adding tracks from the extensive soundtrack to my streaming library for a week now. Fantasy and obsession with the space program give way to a great day out at a theme park. So we are kind of in space, seeing an alternative day dreamed view to one of mankind’s biggest achievements, and also on the couch, half asleep, wondering if Time Tunnel will be on tomorrow. It just clicks, I laughed a lot at this. Linklater most successful rotoscoped project and in my head an unofficial prequel to Dazed & Confused. These Texan kids are exactly the right age to grow up into that tribe.


Perfect Double Bill: Waking Life (2001)

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