Holidate (2020)

John Whitesell directs Emma Roberts, Luke Bracey and Kristin Chenoweth in this romantic comedy where two losers make a deal to accompany each other at special occasions over a hectic year.

Aims for a Adam Sandler-level of poppy broadness but due to the script proving rather humourlessly tone deaf most of the time, Holidate plays out like a Rob Schneider shitshow. It is a very busy film and Bracey, while handsome, only has one setting… he’s certainly no Cary Grant, he’s not even a Chris Hemsworth. Emma Roberts and Kristin Chenoweth are better than this and if you have no built up goodwill towards them then I’d say avoid Holidate like the plague. As a Scream Queens fan, I’ll take my Chanel #One fix wherever I can get it. Not even her aunt would accept material as off its meds yet utterly as predictable as this though.


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