Thelma & Louise (1991)

Ridley Scott directs Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis and Harvey Keitel in this road movie where two put-upon women find themselves on the run from the law and the men who take advantage of them.

While I appreciate its cultural importance and how beloved it is by many, T&L has never done much for me personally. Once it sets its actresses on a road to oblivion the script spins its wheels and goes in circles until the iconic finale. Sarandon is superb as always (tough and tender) but the usually reliable Davis’ doesn’t hit the right blend of naivety and hedonism so becomes grating. The men are pretty useless to the point of caricature… it says something when Mr Blonde plays the most sympathetic support… but Brad Pitt makes an impact in his star making turn as a baby faced hustler. Scott has a good outsider’s eye for Americana and in the final act leans towards the spectacular over the believable. Considering this is a popcorn fantasy, that is an acceptable alternative to realism.


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