The Verdict (1982)

Sidney Lumet directs Paul Newman, Charlotte Rampling and Jack Ward in this courtroom drama where a loser lawyer decides to fight a case in court that everyone else wants to settle quietly.

Hubris and charm and the stink of blended whiskey. The Verdict is set in the world of old men I can always see myself growing into. White haired, sparkled eyed, nice cheap suits and all the skills and knowledge to takeover the world if they could get away from the pub and the glass. Hell, I might already be there. This is a great courtroom thriller- perfectly cast, adapted from an airport novel by David Mamet and featuring fine work by Paul Newman. It is always pleasing when a well established movie star stops being cool and starts acting their age on screen. Newman transitioned from hopeful to wisened with absolute wintery grace here. In all honesty, I prefer him aged.


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