The Equalizer 2 (2018)


Antoine Fuqua directs Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal and Melissa Leo in this sequel to the highly trained vigilante reboot. 

Denzel is unstretched by the drama. The action merely bookends the film, there are no set pieces for a good 90 minutes of the running time. Is this because the various plot strands are particularly complex? No. It is by the numbers conspiracy stuff. So rote I struggled to figure out exactly why the baddies were covering their tracks. I’m sure there was a macguffin, I just lost interest whenever Denzel wasn’t onscreen either righting wrongs, raising up or beating down. There enough of his take on Robert McCall doing these things that you don’t feel your time has been utterly wasted. The avoidance of going bigger is admirable but it could have been better, no? Only the grand finale in an evacuated town really hits the sweet spot.


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