The Villainess (2017)


Jung Byung-gil directs Kim Ok-bin, Shin Ha-Kyun and Kim Seo-Hyung in this action thriller about a deadly trained assassin with a past so murky even her government handlers are not sure of her hidden motivations. 

Dangerous spectacle lovers, this is all your Christmasses come at once. The Villainess chucks in go-pro corridor fights that last longer than most Netflix binge sets, colourful axe rumbles that move from motorbike to car bonnet to bus, and stuntwork that will bruise you even if you sit in the back row. The framing device though is a very convoluted complication of the simple Nikita storyline. Overly bogged down, it lacks Kill Bill’s confident elegance or Besson’s own restrained neatness. It means you eventually begin to disconnect from the twists and turns as you wait impatiently for the next round of showstopping kicks and crunches.


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