The Midwife (2017)


Martin Provost directs Catherine Frot, Catherine Deneuve and Olivier Gourmet in this subtle comedy about an uptight middle aged woman who reconnects with her late father’s frivolous mistress. 

Not really my kind of thing but I actually enjoyed it. Frot and Deneuve had good platonic chemistry, the romance with Gourmet’s relaxed truck driver was sweetly convincing and, most of all, it made me want an allotment. Visually Provost strikes at some rich poetic gold from gloopy births at the start, to heavily hinted at deaths at the end, and a slide show in-between that is interrupted by a doppelgänger who brings all the mooted concerns about ageing into a neat narrative nexus point.





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  2. CineMuseFilms · October 25, 2017

    Short but accurately described.


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