Toy Story (1995)


John Lasseter directs Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and Annie Potts in this classic animated adventure about a pair of lost toys who have to team together to return home before moving day. 

As well as the obvious eye-poppingly colourful presentation and groundbreaking technical achievement, Toy Story boasts one of tightest ensemble comedy scripts ever committed to the big screen (it could easily be four great episodes of an Emmy winning sitcom at its midpoint peak) and some of the most intricately orchestrated set pieces outside of any traditional action blockbusters. But really it is the characters that make it fly (or at least fall with style). My favourite will always be Woody. Manufactured plastic body aside, he is human.  Insecure, grumpy, vain, the perfect critique of modern masculinity (the cowboy without a gun) and somehow Tom Hanks’ endearing voice just papers over all these gaping cracks. The star’s easy going vocal presence makes him an old friend by the end of the first scene. I also think Buzz Lightyear is a bit of a dick, but couldn’t justify the statement in court. Movie perfection and would be my Film of the Week any other week.


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